UECS delivers managed materials solutions to improve flexibility, speed to market and profitability through greater control of materials. We offer a complete suite of materials management solutions to support organizations at each stage of their product lifecycle – early production, fast growth and high volume production.

  • Our Managed Materials and Enhanced Turnkey Solutions are specifically developed to yield quick results: decrease costs, increase revenues and enhance your supply chain processes.
  • Additionally, ANDS, our proprietary Web-based supply chain management tool enables us to dynamically manage customer configurations, Bill of Materials (BOM), schedules, multi-location inventories and provide real-time dashboards and reports.
  • Finally, we offer specialized distribution services to a limited number of customers to sell their end products, such as Texas Instruments’ OMAP software development platform (SDP).

five key pillars

The UECS solutions approach is built around five key pillars



We start with meticulous planning to ensure alignment between customer engineering, operations and the supply network


Our Certified Supplier and EMS Programs effectively source required components, mechanicals and assemblies as well as services


We enforce and adhere to ISO9001:2000 standards to guarantee consistent, repeatable execution


Our Web-based tool ANDS manages materials across multiple manufacturing sites, configurations and revisions


Our range of solutions promote agility, rapid response and adaptation to market and demand changes


UECS Managed Materials Solutions allow customers to realize immediate benefits such as:

  • Leverage the exclusive sourcing network of certified component manufacturers, US and global suppliers, and distributors
  • Fully exploit the flexible suite of turnkey facilities for small, medium and high-volumes, both domestic and international
  • Attain end-to-end supply chain visibility with ANDS
  • Respond rapidly to market changes and positively impact company revenues
  • Reduce total cost of ownership with competitive materials and/or manufacturing costs