Managed Supply Chain Solutions

Risk is everywhere and part of every Industry operation. Therefore, today, Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) is a critical part of the organizations’ long-term goals. Capabilities to managing diverse risks are considered important attributes that differentiate a successful business from others.

UECS Managed Materials Solutions provides accurate vendor life cycle data and availability status utilizing ANDS™ Collaboration Manager and delivers our customers’ suppliers real-time data to their manufacturing sites – when, where, and costs to prevent line-down and counterfeit parts from entering their supply chains.  Materials include all active and passive electronic components, connectors, electromechanical parts, and potentially some board level products.

UECS takes away the burden of supply chain management while restoring control and flexibility to the OEM. The benefits of our Managed Supply Chain are:

  • Simplified materials procurement and management
  • Leverage and capitalize on the core expertise of OEM, Electronic Manufacturing Suppliers (EMS), and UECS
  • Increase visibility into your supply chain with ANDS™.
  • Improve synergies between OEM, suppliers and multiple EMS locations
  • Backed by proprietary UECS Collaboration Manager

Transform your materials management in 3 easy steps!

  • Step 1

    Customer place PO on ANDS

  • Step 2

    ANDS Procures Material

  • Step 3

    ANDS Delivers Materials To EMS