UECS’ ANDS™ DSS is a proprietary, secure, intelligent, enterprise, and cloud-based collaborative platform software tool that provides real-time dashboards and reports to deliver end-to-end supply chain visibility.

ANDS™ DSS was developed using blockchain technology to bring revolutionary trust and transparency when collaborating across program(s) supply chains. 

ANDS™ yields many benefits to our Customers:

  • Benefits are realized by minimizing redundant efforts at the program and site levels through the collaboration and refinement of shared data and strategies.
  • ANDS™, with customer approval, will identify all base part number commonality for each applicable system and share solutions for consideration.
  • Complete and Accurate data available for logistics, engineering, program management, and executive level decision making.
  • Legitimate and Valid Component Life Cycle Data
  • Integrate Reliable Franchised Resources and processes to ensure Data Accuracy.
  • Accessibility to Industry SMEs for technical support and proposed solutions